Best Cockatiel Food For Keeping Your Bird Healthy

best cockatiel food

What’s the most effective cockatiel meals?

This is a query that you will need to know the reply to in case you are considering of getting one in all these beautiful birds!

In this text, we’ll take a look at what meals cockatiels can eat. What’s the most effective cockatiel meals?

But to start with, what’s a cockatiel and the place do they arrive from?

What’s a cockatiel?

Cockatiels are a very talked-about species of home chicken, being extraordinarily social and clever birds.

The cockatiel is a small member of the cockatoo household and originates from Australia.

Wild cockatiels are primarily gray in colour, however home birds could be pied (yellow or multicolored), or white too.

Feeding your cockatiel for well being

To preserve your cockatiel in good well being, it’s important that you just feed her appropriately.

Cockatiels could be susceptible to weight problems and iodine deficiency. Egg binding and feather choosing also can have an effect on cockatiels if they don’t seem to be fed appropriately.

All birds want a correct steadiness of fat, nutritional vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and water of their weight loss plan to maintain them wholesome – similar to different animals and other people too.

Different species of birds, together with cockatiels, typically require totally different meals that mirror what they might eat naturally within the wild.

So what’s the most effective cockatiel meals?

What do wild cockatiels eat?

In their pure setting, cockatiels eat quite a lot of grass seeds, berries, vegetation, and fruit.

In some areas of their homeland, cockatiels is usually a menace to farmers, raiding crops in enormous flocks!

What meals can cockatiels eat?

Cockatiels ought to get most of their diet from meals pellets, with some seed added in and recent vegetables and fruit for a balanced weight loss plan.

Feeding a weight loss plan like this could make sure you’re giving your pet the most effective cockatiel meals!

Cockatiel meals pellets

Cockatiel meals pellets have been developed to satisfy all of your pet’s dietary wants. You should buy totally different formulations for various life levels and to handle sure illnesses.

Pellets make the most effective cockatiel meals and will positively be in your cockatiel meals record. You ought to be certain that pellets make up 75-80% of your pet’s weight loss plan.

There are plenty of good-quality manufacturers of pellet meals in the marketplace in many various flavors, shapes, and colours.

Here are some cockatiel pelleted meals that we predict tick all the proper containers.

ZuPreem 230353 Natural Medium Bird Food

This meals for cockatiels and different medium sized birds accommodates the proper steadiness of dietary necessities that you just cockatiel wants to remain blissful and wholesome.

The pellets are specifically sized to be appropriate for medium-size birds, together with cockatiels.

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ZuPreem Avian Maintenance Fruit Blend Premium Bird Diet

Try this pelleted weight loss plan for greatest well being. It accommodates recent floor fruit, along with 21 minerals and nutritional vitamins to offer your cockatiel with the proper balanced weight loss plan. No further supplementation is required with this cockatiel meals.

Pure Fun Bird Food

Pure Fun Bird Food comes as a pellet-form meals that’s supposed to be fed as a deal with. The pellets include fruit, nuts, and veg. Note that this pellet meals shouldn’t make up greater than 30% of your cockatiel’s weekly weight loss plan.

ZuPreem Veggie Blend Flavor Bird Food

ZuPreem Veggie Blend Flavor Bird Food accommodates pure carrot flavoring to supply a wholesome and dietary pellet for on a regular basis feeding.

Tropical Carnival F. M. Brown’s Bird Food for Cockatiels

We particularly love this nice full weight loss plan for cockatiels! This pelleted meals is specifically formulated to go well with the dietary wants of cockatiels and different small parrot species.

Prebiotics and probiotics have been added to the meals to stimulate good digestion, enabling your pet to extract the most effective from the nutrient-rich substances.

This mix is formulated to be 100% edible so there’s no waste. Real fruit has been added to the combination to create a tempting meals to encourage even the fussiest and selective of feeders to tuck in!

Hari Tropimix Enrichment Food

Hari Tropimix Enrichment Food is designed to offer your cockatiel with all of the important amino acids and nutritional vitamins that she wants for vivid colours and luxuriant feather progress.

Your chicken’s immune system is boosted via the stimulation of the vascular methods.

The meals accommodates legumes, nuts, fruits, grains, and is 100% edible so there’s no waste.


Wild cockatiels eat all kinds of seeds, relying on what vegetation come into season.

Cockatiels could be fussy feeders, choosing and selecting the seed varieties they most get pleasure from and neglecting different, much less interesting varieties.

This could cause an issue for birds which are fed an completely seed-based weight loss plan.

Commercially obtainable seed mixtures often include between 4 and 10 totally different sorts of nuts and seeds.

However, a few of these meals are very excessive in carbohydrates and fat and they don’t seem to be a well-balanced weight loss plan in your chicken.

Cockatiels are likely to selectively eat solely their most well-liked one or two varieties of seed. Sunflower seed and millet is usually chosen preferentially, which might result in your cockatiel consuming an excessive amount of fats, in addition to affected by deficiencies in vitamin A and calcium.

Be conscious that meals which are marketed as “molting food,” “song food,” or “conditioning food” are simply totally different mixtures of various seeds.

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Healthy molts, sturdy conditioning, and vibrant tune is all achieved via feeding your cockatiel a well-balanced weight loss plan!

By all means, provide your cockatiel a small quantity of seed for selection.

Millet sprays are sometimes a preferred alternative, though you could must take away the spray for some time every day or provide it solely often to cease your pet from gorging on the tasty seeds.

So, the underside line right here is that seeds ought to type a part of your cockatiel’s weight loss plan, however actually not the entire thing.

best cockatiel food

Best cockatiel seed mixes

Here are some chicken seed mixes that you possibly can provide to your cockatiel as a deal with alongside pellets and recent fruits, veg, and greens.

Higgins Sunburst Cockatiel Food

This connoisseur chicken seed-based weight loss plan is a good mix of seeds, together with rape, hemp, sesame, poppy, and canary seed.

There are additionally pellets included to steadiness the combination. Pieces of dried coconut, strawberry, papaya and pineapple items, spinach, carrots, and pea flakes full the method.

Digestive probiotics are added for a wholesome digestion together with DHA and omega fatty acids. The meals accommodates no added preservatives or synthetic colours.

Volkman Avian Science Super Parrot Bird Food Seed Mix

Volkman Avian Science Super Parrot Bird Food Seed Mix is a mix of shelled peanuts, pumpkin seed, coconut, papaya, banana, sunflower and safflower.

The rigorously blended substances provide your cockatiel with a variety of nutritional vitamins and minerals in a clear, dust-free method.

Volkman Avian Science Super Cockatiel No Sunflower Bird Food

This formulation, which your chicken will love, accommodates grains, wholesome seeds, veggies, and fruits.

The mix accommodates no high-fat content material sunflower seeds, making it ideally suited for obese cockatiels.

Fruits and veggies

Your cockatiel’s every day weight loss plan ought to embrace roughly 25% greens, veggies, and fruits.

Avoid feeding pale coloured greens, as these are likely to have a really excessive water composition and little or no dietary worth.

Always wash fruit and veg completely to make sure it accommodates no poisonous chemical substances. Cut the fruit and veg into manageable items to go well with the scale of the chicken.

Cockatiel protected meals

The following are all good fruits and veggies that you possibly can feed to your cockatiel:

Cherries (not the stone)
Bok choy
Red and inexperienced peppers
Sweet potato

Do NOT feed avocado to your cockatiel, which is reportedly probably poisonous.


Be certain to make recent, clear water obtainable to your cockatiel always. If your faucet water may be very laborious or chemical-heavy, you could choose to present your pet bottled or filtered water as a substitute.

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Make certain that you just wash out all meals and water containers every day with delicate dish cleaning soap and clear, heat water.

And at all times take away undesirable meals out of your cockatiel’s cage. Soiled, stale meals gained’t be eaten and will encourage bacterial progress, which might be dangerous to your pet.

Can cockatiels eat individuals meals?

In basic, any meals that’s healthful and nutritious and that’s loved by you and your loved ones, is okay in your cockatiel to have too.

However, frequent sense needs to be utilized right here. Don’t overdo dairy meals, and don’t feed your chicken chocolate, caffeine-containing merchandise, or alcohol.

It’s actually higher in your cockatiel to feed her solely specifically ready cockatiel pellets, rigorously chosen seed combine, and recent fruit and veg as treats.

Cockatiel chicken meals – further nutritional vitamins and minerals

If your chicken is consuming as much as 80% of her weight loss plan in pelleted type, she most likely gained’t want dietary supplements, as nutritional vitamins and minerals can be included within the pellet method.

Note that in case your chicken is breeding and laying eggs, a calcium complement could also be required. Ask a specialist avian vet for extra recommendation on this.

Birds which are weak or affected by sickness might have supplementation to their weight loss plan whereas they’re recovering to full power and well being.

Again, your specialist vet will present you’ll full steerage on this facet of your cockatiel’s care.

Does your cockatiel want grit or gravel?

It just isn’t thought-about crucial to offer grit in your cockatiel to assist her digest her meals. In truth, some birds encounter issues in the event that they eat an excessive amount of grit or gravel.

Best meals for cockatiels

The key to offering a very good weight loss plan in your cockatiel is to supply her a high-quality pelleted meals, along with some seeds as treats, and a very good number of recent fruits, veggies, and greens.

Always just be sure you present a provide of fresh, recent water in your pet.

Best cockatiel meals – A abstract

Do you’ve gotten a cockatiel?

If you do, we’d like to know what you suppose is the most effective chicken meals for cockatiels, based mostly by yourself experiences.

Cockatiel meals is only one facet of their care, so learn this text for extra info on Cockatiel care!

Why not inform us all about your cockatiel within the feedback part beneath? What do you suppose is the most effective cockatiel meals? We’d love to listen to your story!

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