Cockatiel Lifespan – How Long Do Cockatiels Live?

cockatiel lifespan

Cockatiel lifespan can fluctuate fairly a bit between wild cockatiels and home (pet) cockatiels.

In reality, analysis reveals that the cockatiel life expectancy might be prolonged by a decade or extra with slightly assist from you, your cockatiel’s proprietor!

Learning extra about how lengthy do cockatiels dwell in captivity and your half in that may allow you to be sure your valuable pet lives the longest, healthiest, happiest life attainable!

What is the life expectancy of a cockatiel?

After the parakeet (budgerigar), the cockatiel is the preferred pet fowl.

These loving, loyal and affectionate birds are likely to bond very carefully with “their” folks and the reverse is commonly simply as true!

So it simply is smart that you just wish to be sure the cockatiel lifespan in captivity is so long as attainable!

In the wild, a cockatiel might dwell anyplace from 10 to 14 years.

Contrast that with cockatiel lifespan in captivity, which might be anyplace from 15 to 25 years.

But the most effective information is that pet cockatiels have been recognized to dwell so long as 35 years.

As of 2015, the Guinness Book of World Record’s “oldest pet cockatiel” title holder, Sammy, is 31!

Nutrition and the cockatiel lifespan

There are a number of attainable methods to increase the common lifespan of a cockatiel in captivity.

One of probably the most elementary strategies is commonly additionally probably the most ceaselessly neglected in line with avian veterinarians, and that’s diet.

Avian and unique veterinary medication has come a great distance over the past decade.

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Today, most vets know that cockatiels gained’t get all their dietary wants met by consuming a weight loss program of fowl seed.

However, many cockatiel homeowners nonetheless don’t know this.

In the wild, cockatiels do eat seeds each time attainable, however in addition they forage for grasses, fruits and even small bugs.

Their weight loss program might be significantly diversified relying on what meals sources can be found from each day.

Wild cockatiels additionally get extra entry to ultraviolet mild, which may also help them produce the calcium they should develop robust bones.

Food for thought

The greatest weight loss program for pet cockatiels must be diversified to incorporate fruits, berries, recent grasses, complete grains, lean protein and likewise some seeds.

Pelleted meals are additionally changing into well-liked as a balanced supply of complete and full diet for cockatiels.

However it may generally be difficult to transition grownup cockatiels over to a pelleted weight loss program!

Veterinarians state that as many as 99 % of untimely cockatiel deaths might come up on account of dietary deficiencies.

So selecting the best weight loss program is without doubt one of the most essential strategies for prolonging the common lifetime of a cockatiel.

The recipe for an extended cockatiel lifespan

Aim for 75% to 80%  pelleted meals every day, with 20% to 25% coming from recent fruits and veggies.

The remaining 5% must be lean protein sources like onerous-boiled eggs, lean cooked rooster or fish.

Talk along with your veterinarian to make sure you solely provide protected “people” meals to your pet cockatiel!

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Fresh water ought to all the time be accessible to your cockatiel, ideally in a water bottle since cockatiels might take a dip (or a poop) in a water dish!

Maximizing cockatiel fowl lifespan

In addition to weight loss program, there are a number of different strategies that may probably prolong the pet cockatiel lifespan.


Cockatiels within the wild are continuously on the transfer.

They are very social and journey in massive teams, consuming and ingesting and speaking and migrating and rearing their younger collectively.

There is security in numbers and by no means a uninteresting second.

Make your cockatiel’s surroundings enjoyable and interesting by offering an appropriate cage surroundings with a number of various kinds of perches and cockatiel toys.

An excellent view of the outside and occasional noise from a radio or TV can calm and soothe your pet cockatiel and guard in opposition to boredom.


Cockatiels want at the least eight hours of relaxation every night time along with the a number of naps you could observe your fowl taking throughout the day.

Be certain to find the cage in a quiet, darkened space of the home and canopy the cage to dam drafts so your fowl can sleep and relaxation comfortably.

Preventative veterinary care

Cockatiels, like most animals, are specialists at hiding it once they really feel unwell, which is a mandatory survival talent within the wild.

Pet cockatiels have specialised medical care wants that almost all basic apply veterinarians will not be skilled to offer.

Your pet cockatiel ought to have an annual wellness test-up with a skilled avian veterinary specialist who can shortly spot any “hidden” well being points earlier than they develop into critical.

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How lengthy do cockatiels dwell?

So now you and your cockatiel have a brand new purpose to work in direction of collectively – breaking Sammy the cockatiel’s file as “longest living cockatiel!”

How outdated is your valuable feathered pet? Drop us a remark – we’d love to listen to your story!


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