Lovebird Lifespan – How Long Do Lovebirds Live?

lovebird lifespan

As a lovebird proprietor, you’re in all probability eager to learn how to maximise the lovebird lifespan on your treasured feathered pet!

Want to know, “How long do lovebirds live for?” and “How long do lovebirds live by species?” Read on!

You can have an awesome affect over the well being and happiness of your pet chook.

In this text, study extra in regards to the lovebird life expectancy within the wild and in captivity. And study well being points that may impression the lovebird lifespan.

Life expectancy of lovebirds

Ornithologists usually agree that the typical lifespan of lovebirds within the wild is often shorter than the lifespan of lovebirds in captivity.

The lowered lifespan doesn’t apply in all circumstances. But components reminiscent of scarcity of meals or water, predation, uncommon climate patterns and modifications to native territory (reminiscent of from agriculture or industrial growth) can all impression how lengthy wild lovebirds reside.

In the wild, a lovebird could reside wherever from 5 to fifteen years.

Lovebird lifespan in captivity

Pet lovebirds sometimes have an extended lifespan than their wild counterparts do.

However, pet lovebirds can’t management necessary features of their well being reminiscent of entry to wash meals and water, preventative veterinary care, train and enrichment. Each of those components can straight impression longevity.

With correct care, the pet lovebird life expectancy is usually 10 to twenty years.

Health and lovebird lifespan

Loneliness is a giant difficulty with lovebirds. These petite parrots really take their species widespread title from their trait of mating for all times!

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Lovebirds really want a identical-species companion so as to keep wholesome and completely satisfied in captivity.

If you don’t need to breed lovebirds, the best choice is a male-male pair, since two feminine lovebirds could develop into aggressive in the direction of each other in maturity.

Regular beak and nail filing can be necessary to the general well being of your lovebirds.

The beak and nails, manufactured from keratin similar to our personal fingernails,  develop repeatedly all through your lovebird’s life. Overgrown beaks and nails can hamper your chook’s skill to eat, drink and navigate.

Nutritional deficiencies, preventable accidents and environmental toxins (together with self-cleansing ovens and Teflon cooking pans) are three different main potential well being threats to the lovebird in captivity.

Lovebird lifespan by species

African lovebirds lifespan can range by the species.

Lovebirds in captivity can show a shocking array of colours and patterns, and all pet lovebirds belong to one of many 9 species listed right here.

The most typical pet lovebirds are the Fischer’s lovebird, the peach confronted lovebird and the black masked lovebird.

Check under for the typical anticipated lifespan of all 9 totally different African lovebird species.

lovebird lifespan

Fischer’s lovebird lifespan

The Fischer’s lovebird, Agapornis fischeri, is called after the person who found this species, Gustav Fischer.

The Fischer’s lovebird is understood to be one of many gentlest of all lovebird species and may reside as much as 20 years in captivity.

The oldest recorded pet Fischer’s lovebird lived 32.24 years!

Peach confronted lovebird lifespan

Sometimes referred to as the Rosy confronted lovebird, or Agapornis roseicollis, the peach confronted lovebird can reside 15 to 25 years in captivity on common.

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However, the oldest recorded residing pet lovebird lived 34.34 years!

Masked lovebird lifespan

The masked lovebird, Agapornis personatus, is typically additionally referred to as the yellow-collared lovebird or the attention ring lovebird.

The masked lovebird can reside 10 to twenty years in captivity.

The oldest recorded residing captive masked lovebird lived 24.24 years!

Red-faced lovebird lifespan

Sometimes additionally referred to as the purple headed lovebird, or Agapornis pullarius, the purple-confronted lovebird has a listed most lifespan of 19.23 years, in keeping with a historic examine of parrot survival in captivity.

Lilian’s lovebird lifespan

The Lilian’s lovebird, or Agapornis lilianae, can also be typically referred to as the Nyasa lovebird.

The common lifespan is 10-12 years. One captive raised Lilian’s lovebird reached the ripe outdated age of 19.2 years!

The Lilian’s lovebird is listed as “near threatened” on the IUCN purple checklist.

Black cheeked lovebird lifespan

The black cheeked lovebird, Agapornis nigrigenis, is one species that’s dealing with extreme habitat loss in its native vary in southern Zambia.

A captive black cheeked lovebird can reside as much as 13.75 years.

Black collared lovebird lifespan

The black collared lovebird can also be referred to as the Swindern’s lovebird, or Agapornis swindernianus.

The common life expectancy in captivity for this lovebird species is 10 to fifteen years.

Black winged lovebird lifespan

The black-winged lovebird, Agapornis taranta, can also be referred to as the Abyssinian lovebird.

The common captive lifespan of a black winged lovebird is 15.83 years.

Grey headed lovebird lifespan

The gray headed lovebird, Agapornis cana, lives on the island of Madagascar. Some name it the Madagascar lovebird because of this.

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The common lifespan in captivity of the gray headed lovebird is 16.01 years.

Lovebird lifespan

We hope you have got loved studying in regards to the lovebird lifespan within the wild and in captivity!


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