Penguin Names for Pets, Pokemon and Plushies

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Are you a fellow penguin lover? Penguins, with their cute waddles, dapper tuxedo-like plumage, and affectionate personalities, make some of the loveliest pets, plushies or even Pokémon. Join us as we explore hundreds of unique and fun penguin names that are perfect for your furry (or not so furry) companion.

Despite the fact that it is illegal to keep penguins as pets in the US, penguin-inspired names are still popular choices for pets like dogs, cats, fish, and birds, as well as penguin toys and even Pokémon. Whether you’re looking to symbolically adopt a penguin or just love the flightless bird’s unique qualities, there’s no shortage of cool options to choose from.

Pet Penguins: A Docile and Intelligent Companion?

Did you know that there are about 18 different species of penguins that inhabit the Southern hemisphere? Despite being flightless, penguins are well-suited for life in the water, with their flipper-like feet and paddle-like wings. While many of us immediately picture black and white feathered penguins, there are some species of penguins that boast vibrant colors of feathers on their head, chest, or beak.

Though it is illegal to keep penguins as pets in the US, penguins are mild-mannered creatures, known to be docile toward other animals and humans alike. Their docility might be attributable to the fact that they have few natural predators in their environment.

Aside from being docile, penguins are also quite intelligent birds. They live in colonies of thousands of other penguins and use complex social skills to develop unique hunting techniques. Additionally, many species of penguins are monogamous, continuing to mate with one partner for the rest of their lives. Both male and female penguins excel as parents, making them some of the most attentive parents in the bird kingdom. So why not name something you love after these awesome birds? Let’s take a look at our list of 100 penguin names.

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Cool Female Penguin Names

While it is sometimes difficult to tell male and female penguins apart, there is a list of feminine-sounding monikers that can be used to name your pet penguin. If you prefer a more feminine penguin name, these are the best options for you:

MinnieRosalieAlaskaBiancaSilverPiperMistyEmilyFancySnowLucyPenelopeCassieDahliaStellaSolanaHarleyPearlMatildaSnowflakeEbonyPrincessPipaAuroraHanaIce Queen

Cool Male Penguin Names

When it comes to male penguin names, creativity knows no bounds! There are hundreds of unique male penguin names that you can choose from. Here are some of our favorites:

MikePabloMiloSonnyDoloChesterHolidayPhilTuxedoHomerIcelandPepperJakeCoolioBlack JackPhilTuxRockySonnyAlpineSherwinBlack JackFrostieNorwalPingieComet

Unique Penguin Names: One-Of-A-Kind Choices

Penguin-inspired names evoke rarity and uniqueness. Whether you’re looking for a sentimental or quirky name, these penguin-inspired unique choices will stand out:

DeckardAhi PokeBrunoFionaTorretoMarsPersimmonRudolphIvoryBoboDimitriBreezeKikiCocoZingerJulietPudgeRomanoffPicassoSeldaGracielaBoatsTuffyAntonCola

Funny Penguin Names

Are you looking for something that’s bound to get a smile and a laugh? Check out these penguin names that are sure to tickle your fancy:

Fission ChipsPebbleAvalancheOreoFluffsFisherGap ToothMr. FreezleEmperorHappyMadam FreezleIcepopSir WaddlesGimme FishSkateIcy QueenTapdanceDemoSmurfetteFunkyfeathersMoDapper DanCurlyFriar TuzPacman

Cute Penguin Names: Adorable Options

Let’s face it. Penguins are some of the cutest creatures on the planet! So, if you’re looking for a cute-sounding penguin name that you’re sure to adore, these adorable names are perfect:

NoraNoodleCookieIceDixyBebeLizMittensPee-WeeDexyMr. SmallSquirtDogPeggyCarrot TopDaisySnowballBetsyPuffSkyMiss FluffyPebblesPenguiaTurboDeeDee

Tough Penguin Names: Strong and Fierce Labels

Although penguins may not be the most intimidating birds in the world, their rugged and tough exterior is to be admired. After all, they swim with killer whales and fight for survival against predators like seals. These tough penguin names are perfect for pets with a noticeable independent and strong-willed personality:

ApocalypseBansheeBruiserAl PacinoDiabloButchMonsterBoomerDieselScarCrusherAxelFang.ShadeBomberMadmanMagnumVenomTriggerThunderSpikeMidnightMajorKillerTank

Famous Penguin Names

It’s no secret that penguins have become a popular media icon, with many famous penguins gracing our screens. For this reason, there is no shortage of famous penguin names that you can choose from:

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PinguKowalskiDukePennyPrivatePingoSkipperCaptain CookPokeyPresleyJr. PenguinSparkyHubieMr. PopperProfessor Percival PenguinKevinGretaWheezyTackyChilly WillyMishaFeathers McGrawEclairRicoAlfred

Cool Penguin Names: Unique and Exotic

If you want to give your pet a distinct and exotic name, regardless of whether it’s a penguin or not, check out these epic names:


Choosing the Perfect Penguin Name

With so many cool penguin names to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down the options. But, remember that there are no rules to naming a penguin, plushie, or pet that reminds you of these adorable birds. The important thing is to have fun during the naming process, and choose a name that resonates with you!

Even More Bird Inspired Names to Choose From

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