Pineapple Green Cheek Conure Traits and Care

The Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure is a tiny parrot with a large character. Their quill is environment-friendly with red, blue or yellow markings on the wings, tails as well as breasts. They consider around 70 grams, meet thirty years as well as make eye-catching animals. This sometimes talkative little bird obtains its impressive shade pallet from a sex connected genetics. Just women Conure birds show this great pigmentation, however men can lug it. In the wild they are belonging to main as well as south America, as well as referred to as green-cheeked parakeets. Today we’ll figure out whether you are a great suit for an animal Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure!


This bird has actually been a parrot enthusiast’s favored since this shade anomaly was initial uncovered. Dog breeders have actually been hard at the workplace for years to find out exactly how to dependably reproduce restricted Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conures. What they uncovered along the road will certainly both shock as well as interest you! As well as currently, prepare yourself to satisfy the clever, spirited, eye capturing as well as charming Conure.

Bush Background of the Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure

Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conures are belonging to Central as well as South America where they are usually called green-cheeked parakeets. These stunning as well as brilliantly tinted birds are formally referred to as Environment-friendly Cheek Conures, or Pyrrhura molinae. The pineapple pigmentation is a details shade anomaly or change – an uncommon modification in the common plume pigmentation related to the varieties.

A lot of wild Environment-friendly Cheek Conures show the common dark environment-friendly quill with sprinkles of red as well as blue on the abdominal area, wings as well as tail. Yet in the 1980s, scientists uncovered that a tiny percent of wild Green-cheek parakeets are normally birthed with yellow quill instead of heaven.

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This passionate aviculturists to start dealing with shade genes to generate Yellow-Sided Environment-friendly Cheek Conures in bondage. Today, we have those very early dog breeders to give thanks to for the stunning Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure shade morph.

Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure Look

The Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure shade anomaly can differ from one bird to the following. Nonetheless, all birds with this color scheme will certainly have specific crucial qualities alike. The pineapple shade anomaly itself includes yellow quill on the abdominal area as well as alongside the upper body as well as on the cheeks.

The tail is normally a light red as well as light red, brownish, orange or gold is sprinkled with the yellow plumes on the abdominal area as well as face. Wings are normally light environment-friendly.

Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure Shade Genes

Scientist released the full genome map for the Green-cheeked Conure in 2016. Yet there is still a lot to discover exactly how the genetics that regulate for various shade anomalies connect.

What conure dog breeders understand is that the Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure shade morph is sex-linked to the women bird. Male conures can just be service providers of the genetics. To generate pineapple morph children, both moms and dad birds need to add the right shade genetics.

Shade Anomalies

Dog breeders likewise understand that the shade anomaly we call pineapple is really an opaline anomaly incorporated with a cinnamon anomaly. The opaline anomaly produces an uneven color scheme in the shade(s) it regulates.

While color scheme will certainly look comparable from one chick to the following, no 2 color scheme will certainly ever before equal.
The cinnamon anomaly is likewise a sex-linked anomaly. It disrupts melanin (pigment) manufacturing. The result is to silence darker shades such as black as well as fed. The cinnamon anomaly normally likewise generates lighter skin shade as well as eye shade.

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When it comes to the Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure, the cinnamon morph transforms the black head quill brownish as well as lightens the red quill to even more of a light red with orange or off-white tones, offering the bird even more of a light look generally.

Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure Character

The Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure didn’t simply come to be prominent as a result of their stunning look. These little parrots are dynamic as well as smart as well as they are really interested as well as spirited. They have actually come to be preferred as animals since they are caring as well as interactive without being extremely huge or loud.

Can Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conures Talk?

All Environment-friendly Cheek Conures can finding out to chat. Yet they are ruled out to be truth talkers of the parrot globe. These birds are much less singing than numerous parrot varieties as well as are hence much less likely to resemble or pronounce.

Prospective Wellness Issues

Since Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conures are so clever as well as dynamic, they require a great deal of communication as well as enrichment to remain healthy and balanced as well as satisfied in bondage. A bored, lonesome bird might begin to select at or tweeze their plumes.

Conures generally are likewise at risk to proventricular dilatation condition (PDD), a throwing away inflammatory condition that influences the intestinal system. There is no efficient therapy as well as scientists still do not understand precisely what causes it.

Various other conditions that can influence the Conure consist of psittacine beak as well as plume condition, Aspergillosis as well as malocclusion (imbalance) of the beak.

How Much Time Does a Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure Live?

Restricted reproduced Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conures can conveniently live for 2 to 3 years with a healthy and balanced diet plan, an enhancing atmosphere as well as appropriate preventative vet treatment from a certified bird vet specialist.

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Feeding as well as Real Estate

Although these conures are little parrots, they still require great deals of area as well as the very best cage dimension is 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet minimal for a solitary conure. Cage bars ought to be spaced in between one-half inch as well as three-quarters inch.

A wild Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure would certainly consume fruits, plants, seeds, nuts, berries as well as also pests. Pet dog conures ought to be provided lots of fresh, washed fruit and vegetables, seeds as well as nuts as well as a full as well as well balanced bird pellet appropriate for little conures. Fresh water ought to constantly be readily available.

Where To Purchase a Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure

The Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure is a preferred shade morph as well as need for these birds is constantly high. You might require to jump on a waiting checklist for a chick from a reliable dog breeder.

At the same time, talk to regional parrot rescue teams to see if you can locate a grown-up conure that requires a brand-new permanently home.

Is a Conure The Right Family Pet For Me?

The Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure is an enjoyable as well as fun-loving little friend parrot with a reasonably lengthy life expectancy as well as marginal room demands. And also, these birds are stunning as well as silent. So it is very easy to see why these conures are so prominent!

Are you considering including a Pineapple Environment-friendly Cheek Conure to your family members? Allow us understand in the remarks.

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