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If you’re a new pet owner or even an experienced one, you may have encountered a few ravens along your way. Though not great as pets, these intelligent black birds are fascinating creatures that deserve attention. Naming ravens that pop up in your garden or during a nature walk is a great idea. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of great names for male and female ravens, funny and badass options, as well as the famous Tower of London ravens’ names.

Ravens are cunning creatures capable of playing games, solving puzzles, and mimicking the calls of other bird species. Raised in captivity, they can even imitate human speech. These birds are also skilled acrobats, able to perform mid-flight tumbling and roll dropping with sticks aloft, catching them in the air with ease.

Ravens vs Crows

While ravens are often confused with crows, it’s easy to distinguish them by their larger size. Ravens have a wingspan of three to four feet, while crows’ wingspan is around two and a half feet. Crows travel in groups, while ravens fly in twos. Ravens have longer middle feathers in their tail, which appears wedge-shaped when open, while crows’ tail feathers are about the same length and usually fanned out. Ravens have a croaking call, while crows caw.

Male Raven Names

Male ravens, although a bit bigger, look like their female counterparts. During mating, males use their in-flight aerobatics to lure the female raven. Here are some great names that are perfect for male ravens:


Female Raven Names

Female ravens lay from three to seven eggs and are typically fed by the male while on their nest. There are plenty of feminine names suitable for girl ravens. Here are our top picks:

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Raven Couple Names

When two ravens find each other, they typically become mates for life and build nests together during the breeding season. Thus, we’ve included some great couple names that are ideal for ravens.

Heckle and JeckleBonnie and ClydeFred and WilmaLucy and RickyHomer and MargeLady and TrampAntony and CleopatraMickey and MinnieAdam and EveNapoleon and JosephineBogie and BacallLancelot and GuinevereRomeo and JulietScarlett and RhettTristan and Isolde

Badass Raven Names

Ravens are intelligent, sorcerous creatures often associated with prophecy and trickery. They are known to memorize where other birds have stored food, which they then steal later. Here are some badass names that fit one of nature’s most impressive creatures:

Night CallerMaverickNevermoreBansheeEclipseWickedWizardMagicMerlinBaltimoreBlackmoreDragonMystiqueWarriorSkylarFantasyHoudiniMistyCapriceLegendVoodooDarth VaderProphetScavengerSorcererArabiaSoldier

Funny Raven Names

Despite their dark and gloomy reputation, ravens can be fun-loving and entertaining. They make various noises and exhibit comical behaviors like sliding down snowfields and rolling around in anthills just for the fun of it. Here are some lighthearted names that show off their humorous side:


Black Raven Names

Ravens are large black birds with long bills and big feet. Aligning with their darker aesthetic, here are some color-based names that reflect their unique features:

LicoriceBlack HawkEbonyMidnightCurrantShadowCinderCrowBlackjackJetBlackoutBlack MoonBlack WidowOnyxPepperAsherCoalFlintBlack CatDieselDark AngelGothicDark Knight

Tower of London Raven Names

The Tower of London’s captive ravens is considered guardians of the fortress. Legend has it that if the famous ravens ever leave the fortress, the Tower (and kingdom) will fall. Here are the current raven names of the Tower of London:


Famous and Fantasy Raven Names

There are numerous allusions to ravens in folklore and literature. Shakespeare used these ominous birds often to create a sense of foreboding in his plays. Edgar Allan Poe’s poem is said to have been inspired by Charles Dickens’s pet raven named Grip. Here are some of our favorite references to their famed raven counterparts:

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Grip (Barnaby Rudge)Hamuel (Tangled)Diablo (Maleficent)Tamaa (The Lion Guard)Hugin (Odin’s raven representing thought)Munin (Odin’s raven representing memory)Wormwood (Sofia the First)Maui (Moana)

Choosing the Best Name for Your Raven

Ravens are fascinating creatures that deserve names as unique as they are. So, it’s essential to let your imagination fly until you find a name that suits your feathered friend. Let us know in the comments if you’ve decided to pick a name from our list or had one in mind all along.

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