Pet Ocelot – A Complete Guide To Ocelot Pet Care

Pet Ocelot – A Complete Guide To Ocelot Pet Care

If you’re considering a pet ocelot, it’s important to know that these wild cats are not legal as pets in some parts of the world. Before searching for a kitten, research your local legislation. Ocelots require different care needs to domestic cats, given their high prey drives, nocturnal activity patterns, and potential for destructive and unwanted behaviors, so they won’t suit a lot of homes. In this post, we’ll discuss what sort of pet an ocelot makes and help you decide if you’re up for the challenge.

Can You Have a Pet Ocelot?

An ocelot is a wild cat found in Central and South America that is attracting interest as a domestic pet. However, their small numbers and declining population due to illegal hunting for their fur make them a rare pet. The legality of owning a pet ocelot varies by location, and in some parts of the world, they are banned as pets. In contrast, some locations allow pet ocelots with the right permits and owner qualifications.

If it is legal in your area, ensure that you understand ocelots’ care requirements and behaviors before committing. Keep in mind that ocelots will not be easy to rehome, so research extensively before getting this pet.

What Do Ocelots Look Like?

Ocelots are small wild cats that grow to between 16 and 20 inches tall and weigh 17 to 35 lbs as adults. They have a large head, big eyes, rounded ears, a large pink nose, short legs with large paws, and a slender tail. Soft fur covers their spotted and blotchy patterned coat, which features a white underbelly and a black stripe down each cheek. Their ears have a white spot on the back, and their fur ranges from light yellow to reddish brown.

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Typical Ocelot Temperament

Ocelots are independent and territorial wild cats that may not fit well in most family homes. They’re not as affectionate as other domestic cat breeds, but it’s possible to acclimatize them to human contact. These cats have a hunting instinct and aren’t suitable for homes with small pets or children because they require plenty of mental stimulation and exercise. Ocelots won’t shy away from showing unwanted behaviors if their needs are not met.

Pet Ocelot Care

Since ocelots have large home ranges in the wild, they require much space when living in captivity. Therefore, most homes won’t provide enough space, making outdoor time essential every day. But, ensure that you have a safe enclosure or leash your ocelot to prevent escape due to their ability to climb and dig under fences. Ocelots require large enclosures for natural activities like pacing, climbing, running, and jumping.

Ocelots vocalize a lot, and litter training a pet ocelot may take a lot of work. Like other wild cats, they require a carnivorous diet and need meat-based foods. The hours they are active depend on the hours their prey is active, but they are mainly crepuscular and nocturnal.

Does an Ocelot Make a Good Pet?

A pet ocelot needs a lot of space, enrichment, and a proper diet to stay healthy and happy. They require specialty veterinary care, and owning ocelots are costly since their veterinary bills and enclosure can be expensive. Ocelots can also become aggressive and put themselves at risk by swallowing inedible items. They may also spray furniture and walls indoors because they mark their territory using their urine, leading to staining and unpleasant smells. Since they’re not suitable for most homes, consider other wild-looking but domestic cat breeds.

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Where Can I Find a Pet Ocelot Kitten?

Pet ocelots are rare pets and may not be legal in some areas. Before searching for a kitten, ensure that you research extensively to understand the legality of owning one. Getting an ocelot will require paperwork and permits to own one legally. It’s also essential to research reputable places to acquire ocelots to ensure that trade doesn’t threaten their species diversity and welfare.

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