Weasel Pet

Compared to the domestic ferret, keeping a weasel as a pet is not very common. These creatures have slender bodies and curious personalities.

Weasels can be spotted in various environments such as forests, marshes, meadows, and other locations in their natural habitat.

Due to their wild nature, Weasels can be too aggressive and untidy for many households. They may also be hostile towards other small Pets, such as Guinea Pigs.

So, most households are better off with a tamed substitute, such as a Weasel Pet.

Are Weasels Good Pets?

Typically, weasels are considered wild creatures and not suitable as pets. Despite their adorable appearance, they are not well-suited for most households.

Weasels are typically aggressive as they are wild animals, making them difficult to manage and unsuitable for households with young kids.

They still have wild instincts as well. Therefore, if you have other small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, or even a tiny cat, your Weasel Pet may attempt to hunt and consume them for food.

Weasels often prey on animals much larger than themselves while foraging for food!

Hygiene Levels

Weasels have a carnivorous diet and tend to either continuously eat or hoard their food, which may not be ideal in a household environment due to hygiene concerns.

Allowing weasels to have access to raw meat in the house can result in the formation of harmful bacteria or mold in their food storage areas!

For the majority of individuals, a weasel pet requires too much attention and care to be considered a suitable household pet.

About Weasels

Weasels are part of the Mustelidae family, which also includes Ferrets and Mink as Pets.

Weasels come in various fur colors and have long bodies with short legs.

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Weasels possess prominent ears, a comparatively extended tail, and an abundance of sharp small teeth!

Typically, wild weasels have an average lifespan of approximately 2 years. However, certain individuals may surpass this duration, especially those that are maintained for preservation purposes.

Due to their adorable appearance, many individuals wonder if weasels would make suitable pets.

Can You Have a Weasel as a Pet?

Keeping weasels as pets may not always be legal due to their wild animal nature.

There are some locations where keeping a Weasel as a Pet is prohibited entirely, while in other areas, it may be possible to keep one by obtaining a specific license.

Before attempting to keep a weasel as a pet, it is crucial to verify the regulations and permits in your area.

If you’re having difficulty obtaining information about owning exotic or wild animals as pets in your location, consult with your veterinarian who can assist you in locating the appropriate laws and regulations.

However, if keeping a weasel pet is prohibited in your locality, you might want to contemplate adopting a different option like a tamed ferret.

Weasel vs Ferret

Although the weasel and the ferret are part of the same animal family, the former is typically a wild creature while the latter is commonly kept as a pet.

Weasels are known to be less tame than ferrets, and therefore, ferrets are considered to be a more suitable pet option for most households.

Weasels are more prone to being non-aggressive when handled, provided they are handled from a young age.

However, when it comes to their diet, social requirements, and overall care, weasels and cats share many similarities.

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Although weasels are smaller than ferrets, they have a comparable physical appearance with a slender body, elongated tail, and abbreviated legs.

If you are fond of the notion of keeping a weasel as a pet, but reside in an area where it is prohibited, or uncertain if they are suitable for your household, then the ferret could be a more suitable alternative.

You can find out more about the Weasel versus the Ferret here.

Weasel Pet Diet

Weasels are meat-eating animals and hold the title of being the tiniest carnivorous mammal in the United Kingdom.

If you have a pet weasel, it is important to provide them with a diet that consists of both raw and cooked meat, as well as other animal products.

Weasels often consume a ‘whole prey’ diet, which involves feeding on entire animals like mice.

Weasels are not typically compatible with other household pets because they have a tendency to attack animals larger than themselves when food is scarce.

If you have a weasel as a pet, it is possible that it may attempt to prey on other household pets for sustenance, making it ideal to keep them in households without any other animals to hunt.

Weasel Pet Care

Weasels require more overall attention compared to pet options such as ferrets. They necessitate ample daily opportunities for activities like playtime, physical activity, and interaction with others.

Weasels are highly sociable and inquisitive creatures, so it’s best to keep them in pairs or more. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to ensure that the pet weasels you keep together are compatible with each other.

If pet weasels are kept in the same space despite not getting along, it can lead to frequent conflicts.

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Weasels kept as pets may emit an unpleasant odor due to their habit of storing food in their dwellings and possessing scent glands that can release a spray, much like cats and other creatures such as skunks.

If you decide to have a weasel as a pet, it is important to maintain a strict cleaning routine.

Similar Pets

Not everyone is suitable to have a weasel as a pet, and in certain regions of the world, it may be impossible or against the law to keep one.

If you cannot have a cat as a pet, you may consider one of the following options.

Is a Weasel Pet Right for Me?

Weasels are not suitable for every household and should be kept in homes without young children or other pets that the weasel may attempt to hunt.

Weasels can require a lot of attention and care, and may emit a potent odor, making them a challenging pet for some households.

Keeping a weasel as a pet is illegal in certain areas due to their classification as wild animals.

If you’re looking for a pet that is more flexible and easy to train, the ferret could be a suitable option!

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