What Eats Beetles?

What Eats Beetles?

Although beetles may seem like cute bugs rather than delicious meals, many creatures consider them a significant part of their diet. Despite their tough exoskeleton and remarkable camouflage, mammals, amphibians, birds, fish, and reptiles all consume beetles. This article will cover the main eaters of beetles and where to find them.

Who Eats Beetles?

Beetles come from the Coleoptera family and exist in various habitats, with over 350,000 species globally. However, many of them are in tropical rainforests, where they thrive in significant numbers and become a primary source of food for different predators.

Many predators consume beetles, and they come in various sizes and species. Here is a selection of their biggest fans, from mammals to birds; fish, and amphibians.

What Mammals Eat Beetles?

Many mammals enjoy feasting on beetles, with some species solely feeding on these insects, including:



Some insectivore hedgehogs love snacking on small insects such as ground beetles. Other omnivorous hedgehogs also incorporate beetles into their diet and devour various species.


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