What Eats Mice?

There are numerous predators that consider mice a delectable meal, either as a significant portion of their diet or their primary source of sustenance. The animal kingdom’s list of prey includes snakes, birds, foxes, cats, and even beetles. In this article, I will reveal all the creatures that find mice to be a delicious delicacy.

What Eats Mice?

Predators that consume mice are mainly meat-eating animals, known as carnivores. Nevertheless, there are also numerous prey-hunting creatures that are omnivorous and feed on both plant-based and meat-based foods.

Although many predators may desire to consume mice, capturing them is a challenging task. Due to their cautious nature, mice even monitor their prey by detecting their tears from afar. Nevertheless, numerous animals still pursue them.

Wild Animals That Eat Mice

Various predators hunt and prey on mice due to their small size and limited defense mechanisms, making them a desirable food source for any carnivorous animal. Some of the animals that consume mice are:


Predators from the Canidae family, foxes are of medium size and have a habit of hunting in groups, sharing their catch when they capture larger prey. In addition to this, they also feed on small rodents like mice, regardless of their size or species.


Mice are among the prey of weasels, which belong to the Mustela genus. Weasels, however, also have a taste for other foods such as nuts and cereals.

Do Reptiles Eat Mice?

Mice are often preyed upon by reptiles, which make up a diverse group of animals ranging from wild lizards to domesticated snakes.

Large Lizards

Mice are also preyed upon by large lizards like monitor lizards, goannas, and iguanas who actively engage in hunting them. These reptiles have a particular liking for mice as they inhabit similar environments, with wild mice often residing in nests made of dry leaves – a common habitat for most large lizards.


Mice are a popular meal choice for nearly all types of snakes, who do not chew their prey but instead swallow them whole, sometimes even before the mouse has died.

Although mice are a common prey for predators, not all species of snakes hunt them. The egg-eating snake, for example, exclusively consumes eggs.

Do Birds Eat Mice?

Many predators, such as owls, are fond of hunting and eating mice. Interestingly, even Parrots have a taste for mice when given to them by their caretakers.


Mice are also preyed upon by various wild birds, such as hawks, falcons, and owls, who depend on small creatures for sustenance.

Domestic Animals that Eat Mice

Mice are consumed by the majority of domestic animals that are either carnivorous or omnivorous.


Mice are commonly consumed by domestic cats, with many cats not only hunting them for sport but also consuming them as prey.


Mice are not preyed upon by hens, but if they stumble upon a dead one, they will consume it without hesitation.

Insects and Bugs that Eat Mice

Although the majority of insects are not carnivorous, there are omnivorous species that consume various types of meat, including mice. However, these insects typically only feed on deceased mice.


Predators such as dragonflies have a diet that includes both fresh and decomposing meat, and they will readily consume dead mice if they come across them.

Praying Mantises

Similar to dragonflies, praying mantises are meat-loving insects that consume both fresh and decomposing meat, and they hunt for deceased creatures such as mice whenever available.

What Eats Mice?

Mice are a popular food source for both domestic and wild animals, who consume them either as a regular part of their diet or as an occasional treat.

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