What Eats Mice

What Eats Mice

If you’re a pet parent, you’re probably well aware of how important it is to give your furry companion the best possible care and attention. One key aspect of this is providing them with a healthy and nutritious diet. But have you ever considered what eats mice in the wild?

You might be surprised to learn that mice are a favorite delicacy for many creatures in the animal kingdom. From birds and reptiles to cats and foxes, mice are a tasty treat that many animals can’t resist. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different creatures that prey on mice.

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Who Eats Mice?

The animals that prey on mice are typically categorized as carnivores, relying on meat as their primary source of nutrition. However, there are also many omnivores that eat mice as part of their diet. Despite being small and nimble, mice are a challenging prey to catch due to their wariness and ability to spy on their predators. But, this doesn’t stop animals from trying to catch them.

Wild Animals That Eat Mice

For many wild animals, mice are a welcome part of their diet. Here are some of the most common wild animals that eat mice:


Foxes are medium-sized members of the Canidae family that are known for hunting in packs and sharing their meals with other foxes. They commonly feast on small rodents like mice – regardless of their size and breed.

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Weasels, belonging to the genus Mustela, are small animals that love to eat mice as well as other delicacies like nuts and cereals.

what eats mice

Reptiles that Eat Mice

Reptiles are the biggest predators of small rodents like mice, from pet snakes to wild lizards. Here are some examples:

Large Lizards

Monitor lizards, goannas, and iguanas prey on mice and actively hunt them down. They are particularly fond of mice because they live in similar environments to lizards’ natural habitat – often nesting in dry leaf-infested areas.


yellow belly ball python snake

Almost all types of snake crave mice; they find them extremely attractive as a meal. Unlike other animals on this list, snakes don’t chew their prey, instead choosing to swallow the entire mouse whole – sometimes even while it’s still alive. However, some species of snakes, like the egg-eating snake, only consume eggs.

Birds that Eat Mice

Amazon Parrot

Many bird species see mice as a tasty treat, including both nocturnal and diurnal birds like owls and parrots respectively.


cute pet hawk

Other wild birds that eat mice include hawks, falcons, and owls – all of which rely on small animals as their primary source of nutrition.

Domestic Animals that Eat Mice

The majority of domestic animals that are either carnivores or omnivores feed on mice. Here are some examples:


cat quotes

Cats are at the top of the list when it comes to domestic animals that eat mice. Although some cats may kill mice out of amusement, most of them prefer to eat them.


black star chickens

Although hens generally don’t actively hunt mice, they will eat them if they find already dead ones.

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Insects and Bugs that Eat Mice

Insects and bugs that are omnivores by nature eat all types of meat. Although most insects don’t prey on live animals, dead ones are usually fair game. Here are some examples of insects that eat mice:


Dragonflies feed on all types of fresh and decaying meat, including mice if they come across any.

Praying Mantises

Praying mantises love all kinds of meat, be it freshly-killed or decaying. They’re scavengers, and will happily devour dead mice when they find them.


As we’ve seen, mice are a favorite delicacy for many creatures in the animal kingdom. Domestic and wild animals alike view them as either an occasional snack or a regular part of their diet. So next time you’re out and about, keep your eyes peeled for signs of creatures preying on these nimble rodents!

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