Why You Need White’s Tree Frogs

White’s Tree Frogs are often overlooked as pets, but they are actually quite remarkable. Despite their similar appearances, I can distinguish between my three frogs based on their individual living spaces, behaviors, and personalities. Compared to other amphibian pets, White’s Tree Frogs are the most manageable and require minimal effort to maintain their well-being. Additionally, they produce unique and fascinating sounds, although sometimes at inconvenient times.

I have a variety of animals, from the typical rabbits, gerbils and guinea pigs to the more unusual beardie, mourning geckos and huge Madagascan day gecko. Not to mention all of my fish. But without a doubt, my White’s Tree Frogs are my top favorites (although I can’t let Sisu the day gecko know that, she’s a close second).

Cute Features

White’s Tree Frogs have a plump appearance that resembles a damp stuffed animal. They possess sizable facial features, including raised eyebrow ridges and massive eyes. Their skin is a vivid blue-green hue, while their bellies are a creamy white color. However, if they become upset, they may retreat to a corner and appear like an ordinary brown toad.

Surprising Skills

White’s Tree Frogs are incredibly agile and energetic, leaping and bounding around their enclosure, often colliding with plants or water. While they may not climb as proficiently as lizards, they manage to ascend the glass in a somewhat clumsy fashion, but eventually reach their destination.

White’s Tree Frogs effortlessly climb the large leaves of their vegetation and perch with a sense of weightlessness, appearing suspended in the air.

Tank Aesthetics

If you choose to go bioactive for your White’s Tree Frogs, which is highly recommended, your tank will become a beautiful work of art that can be placed in any room of your house. The tank will consist of layers starting from the bottom with a drainage section, followed by a hidden divider, and then deep soil substrate covered with moss and densely planted with Monstera, pothos, ferns, and grasses. Even someone who isn’t fond of pets like my friend loves the setup and desires to have one in her own home solely for the lush greenery!

Low Maintenance

White’s Tree Frogs in bioactive tanks produce large droppings for their size, which should be picked up with toilet paper and disposed of in the bathroom, but these tanks require less frequent cleaning.

To ensure the well-being of your White’s Tree Frogs, you can either invest in a misting system or manually use a spray bottle to moisten their tank twice daily. Additionally, add a few drops of dechlorinator to the water and provide them with some insects every morning.

White’s Tree Frogs are not affected by extreme temperatures as they are kept indoors, but it is recommended to provide them with a UVB bulb and regulate the temperature with a radiator or air conditioning depending on the season. Although some may argue against it, the benefits of using a UVB bulb outweigh the drawbacks. Essentially, they prefer similar conditions to humans but with more moisture.

Easy To Feed

White’s Tree Frogs have a diet that consists of bugs, any small insects that can fit into their mouths are consumed, and these can be easily obtained from local pet stores or online merchants.

White’s Tree Frogs have a voracious appetite and will consume any living creature you introduce into their tank, including each other. Therefore, it is crucial to house only similarly sized frogs together to avoid any mishaps. These frogs do not exhibit picky eating habits or go on hunger strikes.

There is nothing quite like witnessing a White’s Tree Frog jump and catch its prey with its mouth wide open, then using one foot to fish out the substrate and the other to push it in, which may seem awkward but is truly remarkable.

Don’t Need Taming

White’s Tree Frogs have a calm and happy demeanor, although they may sometimes jump away when faced with a camera. While reptiles and amphibians cannot be tamed like mammals, they can become comfortable with being handled. Similar to the popular bearded dragon, these frogs are typically relaxed around unfamiliar people.

Happy To Handle

It is advisable not to handle White’s Tree Frogs excessively as their skin can absorb anything they come in contact with. If handling is necessary, it is recommended to have clean and dry hands without any product or wear gloves. Nevertheless, it is still important to keep the handling sessions brief. Nonetheless, this species appears to tolerate human interaction better than other frog species.

Live For Ages

If I take good care of my White’s Tree Frogs, they can live in my house for as long as 20 years, which means that at a cost of fifty dollars per frog, it is a great investment.

The White’s Tree Frogs Song

Male White’s tree frogs are capable of producing a remarkable croaking sound that is quite different from the typical ribbit of a pond frog, and it is truly impressive to hear. However, it may not be wise to keep their tank in your bedroom as their nocturnal croaking may disrupt your sleep.

Relaxing To Watch

Amidst the current stressful situation, it is beneficial to have a source of relaxation. For me, White’s Tree Frogs in my office, along with other bioactive tanks, provide a sense of calmness and stability. Observing them perched or leisurely moving around the tank is a daily highlight.

Why You Need White’s Tree Frogs

Before getting a pet, it is important to conduct thorough research and ensure that you can provide long-term support. However, if you are capable and seeking a calm indoor companion, White’s Tree Frogs are highly recommended.

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