Why You Need White’s Tree Frogs

Why You Need White’s Tree Frogs

White’s tree frog is an underrated pet with almost similar appearances. Every frog has a distinct personality and peculiar behaviors. Among the pet amphibians, the White’s tree frogs remain the most comfortable to handle and maintain safe and healthy. Unlike others, they make remarkable sounds, except when their owners prefer to sleep.

The pets I own are diverse, ranging from rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils to exotic beardie, giant Madagascan day gecko, and mourning geckos, not to forget the fish. However, my White’s tree frogs are my favorite pets, beating Sisu, the day gecko, as my second-best friend.

Cute Characteristics

These fat frogs look like wet plush toys with impressive features, including droopy eyebrows, enormous eyes, and chubby faces. They have white, creamy tummies and brilliant blue-green skin colors. However, when agitated, they change to brown, appearing like typical toads sulking in their space.

Surprising Abilities

Despite their build, the frogs are athletic and throw themselves into water and plants around their tank. Although they are not efficient climbers like lizards, they scale the glass in awkward ways to reach their targets, like the huge plant leaves, where they perch as if suspended in the air.

Stunning Tank

Suppose you create a bioactive tank (which I recommend). In that case, aesthetically, it is a piece of art that complements any room in your house. It comprises a drainage section below, a secretive divider, and deep soil substrate planted with thick moss, Monstera, ferns, pothos, and grasses, layer by layer. Even a friend who doesn’t like pets loves the setup and wishes to have it in their room for vegetation alone!

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arboreal frogs are great climbers


It is unnecessary to change Bioactive tanks frequently. Although they produce significant waste for their tiny sizes, they surprisingly require less maintenance because their environment is self-sustaining. After picking up frog poops and cleaning leftover food particles, spray the tank with a bottle or use a misting system twice daily. It would be best if you added dechlorinator into the water and a handful of bugs every day.

They are indoors, so they don’t freeze in winter or overheat in summer. However, they require a UVB bulb (I acknowledge some pet owners won’t mind), a room with a radiator in winter, and air conditioning in summer. In conclusion, the frogs like it moist.

Easy Feeding

White’s tree frogs eat anything that fits into their mouth. They are versatile and consume creepy and crawling animals that are readily available in pet stores and online merchants. Though they are cannibals, it’s best to feed them similar sized frogs to avoid challenges of an incestuous kind. They are not picky, eat anything you place in their tanks, and show off their incredible hunting skills each time. They leap high, opening their mouths wide, fishing out the substrate with one foot and pushing it into their mouths with the another.

these frogs turn brown when stressed

Easy To Adapt

White’s tree frogs are cool, relaxed animals. Although they hop away when their owner’s camera invades their personal space, they cope well with friendly human interactions. Reptiles and amphibians forge a relationship with humans, but these frogs are more comfortable with strangers and acquaintances, like the famously friendly bearded dragon.

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Handle with Ease

Amphibians are not friendly with too much handling, as their skin picks up what they touch. If you must handle them, your hands have to be clean and dry, or you could wear gloves. Nonetheless, these species require lesser intervals of handling than others; they are friendly and used to human touch.

Long Life Span

If taken care of properly, my froglets will live up to 20 years—remarkable value for fifty dollar pet.

The White’s Tree Frogs Song

When adult male White’s tree frogs croak, it is a musical melody to the ears, but not when trying to sleep. It’s best to avoid placing them in your bedroom if you find it hard to sleep through ongoing amphibian concerts.

Relax and Watch

Everyone needs a steady source of relaxation, especially amidst life’s current turmoil. White’s tree frogs are relaxing to watch as they sit, with gentle throat movements or slow, measured exploration of their tank. They are a highlight of my everyday life, especially when in my home office alongside other bioactive tanks.

Reasons You Need White’s Tree Frogs

As with any pet, research is necessary before adoption. If you can provide them with comfortable housing and manage them easily, they the perfect indoor partners that you will always cherish.

light frogs can balance on leaves

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