Guinea Pig Sounds And Their Meanings

Guinea pigs make and perceive a fancy vary of sounds.

Typical guinea pig noises vary from completely satisfied chirps and purrs to indignant chattering and even hissing.

And every of those sounds has a particular that means to different piggies.

But can we study to grasp our cavies too?

In this text we check out guinea pig sounds and what they imply, that can assist you perceive your furry buddy’s temper.

Types of Guinea Pig Noises:

Why Do Guinea Pigs Make Noise

According to the American Cavy Breeders Association, there are 13 acknowledged guinea pig breeds. And all of them, from Peruvian to Skinny pig, do most of their speaking by means of the identical set of sounds.

Just like different animals, guinea pigs make noises to speak each with each other.

They additionally make noise to speak with people. For instance, a guinea pig squeaking in lengthy whistles to its proprietor is speaking starvation or pleasure. We name this ‘wheeking’.

Guinea Pig Wheeking

Perhaps the commonest guinea pig sound, a guinea pig’s acquainted squeak is also called a wheek.

A wheek is simply what it appears like: a high-pitched squeak or whistle that will intensify when a guinea pig sees its proprietor.

It’s doable that solely pet guinea pigs wheek. This kind of guinea pig squeaking is a really particular to people bringing meals. In the wild, guinea pigs discover their very own meals, and wheeking is unlikely to happen.

What Does It Mean When A Guinea Pig Purrs?

Guinea pig purring is a standard sound.

Just like cats, guinea pigs purr might present happiness or contentment.

However,the next pitched purr, or a purr on a rising pitch, may very well be an indication of annoyance.

Squeaks and Nibbles guinea pigs typically purr after they have a little bit of a tiff. It’s extra of a warning to again off then a contented greeting.

However, purring sounds rather a lot like rumbling. Which is one thing quite totally different!

Guinea Pig Rumbling

Rumbling is a much less widespread sound, particularly in case you solely reside with one guinea pig. Similar to a purr – however a bit decrease in pitch.

A guinea pig ‘rumbling’ is making ready to mate.

If you may have male guinea pigs in a separate cage to females, they may make this low purr after they see them by means of the bars.

When Squeaks and Nibbles’ piggies are placed on the garden of their separate cages too shut collectively, the boys will purr and chew at their bars to try to attain the women. So we attempt to hold them additional aside more often than not to keep away from stressing the males.

Guinea Pig Chutting

Chutting is one other completely satisfied guinea pig sound. It’s described as a collection of brief guinea pig sounds emitted in fast succession. This sound is usually heard when a guinea pig is completely satisfied or relaxed, particularly when the animal is exploring a secure new surroundings.

Squeaks and Nibbles’ guinea pigs make these noises rather a lot. Especially when they’re having fun with tasty snacks on the garden. You can see and listen to them right here:

Not all guinea pigs will make this noise. In reality, the chutting sound is seemingly considerably uncommon. Some guinea pigs by no means make the sound, whereas others do it typically.

If you hear your guinea pig make this sound, don’t be alarmed. You have a particular piggy, that’s completely satisfied to be in your care.

Guinea Pig Chirping

Chirping is the least understood of all of the guinea pig sounds. It’s a repetitive, high-pitched squeak that sounds identical to birds chirping.

You might discover your guinea pig appears a bit ‘spaced out’ whereas making this noise.

No one is kind of certain what it means, which makes guinea pig chirping a very fascinating noise. Rest assured that whereas there’s not but a translation for this sound, it’s fully regular!

Guinea Pig Teeth Chattering

Teeth chattering is a standard guinea pig noise, and additionally it is maybe one of the vital necessary. It’s an indication your piggy is pressured and irritated.

Guinea Pigs typically present their enamel when making this noise, described as “a rapid series of squeaks and gnashing of teeth.” If your guinea pig does this, it’s greatest to remain away till it calms down.

If your guinea pigs are chattering their enamel at one another, you may like to check out our article on why guinea pigs struggle.

Guinea Pig Shrieking

When canine whimper and cats yowl, it’s fairly simple to grasp that they’re in ache. The similar goes for a human cries.

Likewise, a guinea pig shriek signifies that the animal is in bodily ache. The high-pitched peal shall be an unmistakable signal that each one just isn’t effectively together with your pet.

If you hear it, examine to verify your guinea pig is secure.

Guinea Pig Hissing and Whining

Just like enamel chattering, hissing and whining are indicators to remain away from your guinea pig for some time.

Hissing is simply what it appears like, whereas a whining guinea pig will emit a high-pitched squeak.

In both case, your guinea pig is irritated. Give them slightly time to relax earlier than making an attempt to make pals. When you come, deliver a little bit of apple or a strawberry to assist easy issues over!

Guinea Pig Sounds and Guinea Pig Noises

Guinea pigs are pleasant pets that may deliver leisure to any family. The expertise is made all of the richer when people take the time to get to know their guinea pig sounds and their that means.

Knowing which of your guinea pig’s noises are completely satisfied ones, and that are an indication of annoyance or misery, will make you a good higher piggy father or mother to your furry buddy.

If you may have a guinea pig that loves to speak, why not inform us about them within the feedback beneath.

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