Himalayan Guinea Pig Information – A Guide To A Distinctive Breed

The Himalayan guinea pig is a median sized white guinea pig with black or chocolate factors. They have a brief, simple to take care of coat, and are recognized for his or her pleasant personalities.

Let’s check out the right way to take care of a Himalayan piggy, how they may be totally different from different guinea pigs, and enable you determine whether or not that is the correct pet for your loved ones!

Himalayan Guinea Pig FAQs

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What’s on this information to the Himalayan guinea pig

What Is A Himalayan Guinea Pig

While canines and cats stay America’s favourite pet breeds, small rodents, together with guinea pigs, are a preferred selection amongst many. These pocket-sized critters are cute, personable, and comparatively simple to take care of.

There are a number of guinea pig breeds to select from, with the American Guinea being the commonest. Today, we’ll have a look at a lesser-recognized selection: the Himalayan guinea pig.

Guinea pigs breeds typically are seen as being fairly related. Let’s check out a number of the variations that may be discovered within the Himalayan.

Where Does The Himalayan Guinea Pig Come From?

Based on the identify, you may suppose that the Himalayan guinea pig comes from southeast Asia. As a matter of reality, like different guinea pig breeds, historical past signifies that they originated in South America.

The Himalayan bought his identify due to his distinctive markings and colorings, very similar to a Himalayan cat. They’re additionally sometimes called “the Siamese cat of guinea pigs,” for a similar motive.

Himalayan teddy guinea pigs are literally classed as albino, though they do have coloured markings (known as “points”), often on their nostril, ears and toes. They have a lifespan of 5-7 years, and customarily make good, sociable pets.

Himalayan Guinea Pig Appearance

Himalayan guinea pigs have brief to mid-size hair. They are comparatively simple to groom when in comparison with their lengthy-haired counterparts, such because the Peruvian guinea pig.

The Himalayan’s coat coloring truly adjustments based mostly on the local weather it resides in. Typically, colder climate will trigger their spots to develop and darken, whereas hotter climate will trigger fading.

This is a traditional a part of the Himalayan’s biology. However, it is best to nonetheless take steps to maintain your pet in a room with a gentle, average temperature. Also, keep away from exposing your guinea to direct daylight.

Himalayan Guinea Pig Size

Himalayan teddy guinea pigs are common in dimension, usually starting from 8 to 12 inches when totally grown.

They have a brief, thick physique with broad shoulders.

Himalayan Guinea Pig Colors

This is taken into account an albino breed; nevertheless, they do develop some shade pigments in sure areas.

Himalayans are born utterly white, with attribute pink-tinted eyes. As they develop, they are going to develop coloured spots, known as “points.”

These factors usually seem on the ears, nostril, and toes. It could also be a number of weeks to a number of months earlier than factors start to develop.

The “points” are usually black, though brown/chocolate tones are additionally attainable.

Himalayan Guinea Pig Facts

Interestingly, the coloured spots on a Himalayan can disappear if uncovered to an excessive amount of direct daylight.

They additionally fade when the pig is pressured or scared.

Apart from the factors, one other approach to inform a Himalayan from different breeds is to take a look at the form of the ears. Himalayans have a noticeable curling on the ears.

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Himalayan Guinea Pig Temperament

These are sturdy, pleasant animals for probably the most half. When dealt with appropriately, they take pleasure in spending time with their house owners.

They are often good with youngsters, however will be frightened simply.

Himalayan guineas usually get alongside effectively with different guinea pigs, however there’s all the time some danger that they are going to grow to be territorial.

If you need a number of pets, it’s greatest to buy guineas in pairs, fairly than introducing a second guinea afterward.

Do Himalayan Guinea Pigs Bite?

Guinea pigs typically hardly ever chew — at the very least not laborious.

They might determine to nibble at the one who is holding them, simply out of curiosity. But they’re very hardly ever aggressive.

However, it’s all the time a good suggestion to take precautions to maintain your pet from being scared needlessly.

If youngsters will likely be dealing with the guinea pig, make it possible for an grownup is current and may supervise to make sure cautious, light remedy.

Taming Himalayan Guinea Pigs

Himalayans, like different guinea pig breeds, could also be just a little skittish once they first get to know you, or in new and unfamiliar environments or circumstances.

If your new pet appears stand-offish or upset, converse to them in low, calm tones. Let them get used to their environment earlier than you attempt to scoop them up. Avoid making sudden actions or loud noises.

It might take a short while to your new pet to develop accustomed to you and are available to your hand to be held and cuddled. A great way to assist the method alongside is to make sure that your pet associates your presence with good issues, like meals.

Try feeding your new cavy by hand, and this can create a direct hyperlink between you and a reward. It might take some persistence, however it can repay!

Himalayan Guinea Pig well being

Himalayan Guinea Pigs are typically wholesome animals if cared for correctly.

We advocate dealing with your guinea pig each day, as a way to verify for any potential well being points. Guinea pigs don’t do effectively with stress, and their well being can quickly deteriorate if a problem is left untreated.

It’s a good suggestion to discover a veterinarian in your space that’s acquainted with treating guinea pigs. Establish with them early on so if something comes up you may get in instantly.

That stated, they’re inclined to most of the well being issues that every one guinea pigs are vulnerable to, together with the next.

Respiratory infections

Considered the commonest guinea pig well being concern, most breeds of guinea pigs are vulnerable to pneumonia and different respiratory infections.

Environmental stress can improve the chance of an infection, which is why correct care is so important.


Guinea pigs have delicate dietary tracts, and are due to this fact vulnerable to diarrhea and different gastrointestinal points.

Make positive you feed your pet a balanced, nutritious diet acceptable for guineas as a way to scale back the chance of problems.

Vitamin C Deficiency

Guinea pigs want plenty of vitamin C of their diets (between 10 and 50 mg per day).

You ought to feed your guinea recent vegatables and fruits each day, in addition to vitamin C-enriched pellets or feed.

If you discover a tough coat, an absence of urge for food, swollen toes or joints, or diarrhea, these are possible indicators of a vitamin C deficiency.

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Urinary Problems

Guinea pigs are usually vulnerable to urinary calculi (stones) and bladder an infection.

Females are extra in danger for an infection, whereas stones are frequent in each sexes. Signs of attainable urinary issues in guinea pigs embody anorexia, issue urinating, blood within the urine, and a hunched posture.

Skin Problems

Ringworm and different fungal pores and skin infections are frequent in guinea pigs, significantly in younger guineas.

Signs embody itchy pores and skin, hair loss, redness and swelling.

Other Issues

Guinea pigs may additionally be inclined to tumors, parasites, abscesses as a consequence of an infection, and barbering (when the guinea chews its personal hair).

In addition to those points which are frequent in all sorts of guinea pigs, Himalayan guinea pigs are uniquely inclined to points referring to climate adjustments. They do greatest in average, regular temperatures, and shouldn’t be uncovered to direct daylight or excessive temperatures.

It’s really useful to take your guinea to the vet yearly for an everyday checkup. If you discover any regarding well being issues in between checkups, search veterinary care instantly.

Himalayan Guinea Pig Life span

Himalayan Guinea Pigs have a median lifespan of 5 to 7 years, when cared for correctly.

They are usually wholesome critters, though they’re inclined to the well being issues that generally have an effect on most breeds of guinea pigs.

Do Himalayan Guinea Pigs Smell?

Guinea pigs may need a little bit of a repute for being whiffy pets, however it’s typically extra concerning the circumstances by which they stay fairly than the animals themselves.

Guinea pigs want excellent care, good meals, and frequently modified bedding as a way to maintain from creating an disagreeable odor.

Himalayan Guinea Pig Care

A common schedule of grooming and care will assist out with odor points — in addition to basic well being and effectively-being. You can observe this really useful schedule to maintain all the pieces so as.

  • Daily – present recent greens and grasses
  • Daily – present recent, clear water, and spot clear cage
  • Weekly – totally clear cage, with recent bedding
  • Weekly – brush fur flippantly
  • Every 8-10 weeks – trim nails
  • Every 3 to 12 months – bathe

You may also go for odor-management bedding as a method to assist forestall any potential points.

Keeping Himalayan Guinea Pigs Together

Guinea pigs typically is usually a little territorial. If you’re interested by having a couple of, it’s really useful that you just get a pair from the very starting.

Introducing one other guinea pig, whether or not Himalayan or one other breed, will be tough and traumatic for everybody concerned.

If you need a number of guinea pigs, just be sure you get a cage that offers them each loads of room.

Caring For A Baby Himalayan Guinea Pig

Baby Himalayan guinea pigs common round 3-5 inches at delivery. They will nurse for 3 to 6 weeks, however can have stable meals from a surprisingly early age — even after the primary 24 hours!

You’ll need to maintain the infants with their mom till they’re about three weeks previous. Then, it’s time to separate the males from the females, otherwise you may find yourself with much more infants virtually instantly!

If you discover a native Himalayan guinea pig breeder in your space to buy a child from, make sure to ask them about their expertise with breeding, the well being of the pig’s mother and father, and if the breeder carried out any form of well being checks on the animals.

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Guinea pigs are vulnerable to quite a lot of well being issues, a lot of that are tough to foretell prematurely. With that stated, correct care through the breeding course of is important to the animal’s well being, so it’s vital to discover a respected breeder.

Himalayan Guinea Pig Price

The common value for a guinea pig, whatever the breed, can vary anyplace from ten {dollars} to forty {dollars} — with some margin for error on the far facet!

It relies upon largely on the place you buy your guinea pig. Adopting one from a shelter will typically be cheaper than buying one from a breeder.

As Himalayans aren’t the commonest breed of guinea pig, you might have to seek for one. And the associated fee could also be on the upper facet of the common vary.

Rescuing A Himalayan Guinea Pig

It could also be tough to discover a Himalayan guinea pig at a rescue.

They’re not fairly as frequent as another breeds, and lots of rescues aren’t particular to a sure breed. However, you very effectively may stumble throughout a Himalayan by way of a shelter or a website like PetFinder.

Similar Breeds

If you’re drawn to the Himalayan, you could be on the lookout for a guinea pig with related temperament, sizing, and ease of grooming.

Here are a couple of different related breeds that you could be come throughout.

Comparing The Himalayan Guinea Pig With Other Pets

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You may be not sure of the variations between a guinea pig and a hamster. Which one will greatest go well with you as a pet?

Take a have a look at our article on the hamster vs. guinea pig, and you could discover out what you’re actually on the lookout for!

Himalayan Guinea Pig Products And Accessories

Is A Himalayan Guinea Pig Right For Me?

Himalayan guinea pigs make nice household pets. They are pleasant, sociable, and comparatively simple to take care of as a consequence of their brief hair.

With that stated, we’d not advocate a Himalayan to anybody residing in a very popular or very chilly local weather. This breed is extremely inclined to climate adjustments, and doesn’t react effectively to excessive temperatures.

Also, Himalayans do greatest indoors. If you’re intending to maintain your pets outdoors (which isn’t usually really useful, typically), it’s greatest to keep away from the Himalayan breed.

Do You Have A Himalayan Guinea Pig?

Do you may have a Himalayan guinea pig residing at house with you? We’d love to listen to all about them within the feedback beneath.

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