What Do Guinea Pigs Play With

What do guinea pigs play with? Maybe you’re questioning whether or not or not it’s okay to offer your guinea pigs a baby’s toy.

Perhaps you’d like to supply them a cardboard tube to mess around with or a ball designed for canine?

Today we’re going to reply your hottest guinea pig toy questions together with

  • Do guinea pigs run on a wheel?
  • Can I give my guinea pig a bathroom paper roll to play with?
  • Can you place a guinea pig in a hamster ball?

And extra!

So, what do guinea pigs play with? We’ll discover out however first, let’s clear up the ‘wheel’ query

Do guinea pigs have to run on an train wheel?

Many small pets have an train wheel of their cage. But guinea pigs, particularly these saved in out of doors hutches, hardly ever do.

And there’s a great motive for that

Buying a wheel to your guinea pig is just about a waste of time. Mostly they merely don’t get it.

The wheel will sit there doing nothing, or at most, get chewed and nibbled.

But what’s worse, if the guinea pig does get within the wheel, the way in which that the wheel bends the guinea pig’s backbone in a U form might be dangerous. His again simply isn’t designed to work that manner.

What a few hamster ball?

Guinea pigs ought to by no means be positioned in a hamster ball. They don’t take pleasure in it, and once more, the guinea pig’s backbone will not be designed to be bent right into a U form – being cramped contained in the ball may trigger spinal injury.

That doesn’t imply guinea pigs don’t want train, they do. They simply have a special manner of getting train than hamsters and rats.

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Your guinea pig will like to spend time in a safe out of doors run when the climate is ok, and can get some recent air and train by trotting round searching for attention-grabbing issues to eat.

Obviously you will want to maintain your piggies secure from predators and from extra solar or dangerous climate, and don’t neglect to deliver them in earlier than you exit for the day.

Can guinea pigs have paper and cardboard

Yes! Small cardboard containers turned the other way up make nice toys for guinea pigs. Cut a gap in a single facet to that they will climb out and in.

You can even give your guinea pigs a stout paper bag to discover. They just like the rustling noise it makes as they scramble about inside.

The cardboard tubes that some in wrapping paper or rest room rolls make enjoyable toys too. Stuff them with hay for further leisure worth.

Larger cardboard tubes that piggies can match inside are favorites. Make certain the tube is sufficiently big that the guinea pigs can’t get caught!

You can even purchase igloos and nests for guinea pigs to cover in, these are often product of sturdy pvc or pure grass sort materials.  The latter are nice for chewing on too.

Make a maze to your guinea pig

A good way to have enjoyable  is to construct a maze out of cardboard to your guinea pigs to discover.

You can lay a path of their favourite leaves or treats in corners of the maze or inside tunnels or igloos

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Can guinea pigs play with previous garments and material (see toy security)

Guinea pigs take pleasure in burrowing underneath blankets and pulling bits of clothes round.

You may even stuff an previous sleeve or sock with hay for them to drag about and snack on, and a few piggies will take pleasure in pulling cuddly toys round too

Can guinea pigs have balls to play with?

It’s nice to offer your piggies a ball to play with. Ping pong balls, and even tennis balls will probably be pushed round for some time.

Like most issues guinea pigs play with, the novelty worth is a part of the sport and most toys are prone to be ignored if left in with them for too lengthy.

Try to ring the adjustments, switching toys round each few days retains them attention-grabbing and recent.

Guinea pig chew toys and edible toys

Guinea pigs have to chew with a purpose to maintain their enamel in good order.

You can provide your guinea pig secure items of wooden (apple is secure or willow) or purchase proprietary chew toys designed particularly for them

Tying hay into tight little bundles in order that it’s more durable to eat, and scattering these across the hutch or pen may even present leisure and relieve boredom

You can hold bits of carrot and different greens from the roof of their cage so that they must put a little bit of effort into reaching them.

And scattering meals or hiding it underneath igloos and in tubes offers way more leisure than simply placing it in a bowl.

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Guinea pig toy security

Poorly made plastic toys that come aside when chewed are usually not appropriate for guinea pigs.

Swallowing bits of plastic could cause inside damage and sharp bits of plastic can reduce your guinea pigs’ mouths

Paper, cardboard and material want some supervision.

Most guinea pigs received’t eat this stuff, however control your piggies to ensure they aren’t swallowing bits.  And take away any toys if the stuffing begins to come back out.

Some woods are toxic – wooden from bushes that bear fruit with pits for instance. So at all times verify earlier than giving your guinea pig branches or twigs to chew.

Best of all? Another guinea pig

Guinea pigs are extremely social. What Guinea pigs like to play with most of all, is different guinea pigs.

They like to trot round after each other, snuggle up collectively, eat collectively and simply be collectively.

Don’t be tempted to maintain one guinea pig on her personal, she’ll be unhappy.

What do guinea pigs play with – a abstract

Guinea pigs are usually not the most playful of small pets, however they do take pleasure in exploring new gadgets and easily tossing issues round.

You can enhance your guinea pigs’ high quality of life no finish by making their atmosphere richer with a few of these toy concepts

Tubes, cardboard of material to burrow underneath or paper to scrumple up, or a sturdy ball to push round all add a little bit of selection to your guinea pig’s life and brighten up their day.

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