Can Hamsters Live Together – Can Two Hamsters Share A Cage?

If you’re new to pet ownership, you’re probably well aware of the importance of providing the best possible care and attention to your furry friend. One of the important things to consider is whether or not your hamsters can live together and share a cage. While some hamsters are content living with a companion, others prefer to live alone. This article will provide you with the information you need to know about hamster behavior, including nutrition and training, to help you make the best decision for your pets.

It’s crucial to learn about the type of hamster you have before introducing another one. For instance, Syrian hamsters can become hostile if they live together and should only be kept on their own. Dwarf hamsters are often fine living together, as long as they are the same species. It’s best to know which hamsters can live together and which should always be kept separate to keep your hamsters safe and happy.

In this article, we’ll look at different types of hamsters and whether males and females differ in their ability to get along. Additionally, we will consider whether or not hamsters are likely to change their preferences for cage sharing. Let’s start with the lovely Syrian hamster.

Can Syrian Hamsters Live Together?

The answer is no. Syrian hamsters will usually attack another hamster very aggressively, with some exceptions. A mother Syrian hamster will not normally attack her babies when they are small and dependent on her. A female Syrian hamster will let a male Syrian hamster approach her for a few hours every few days when she is willing to breed. But, these animals need to live alone.

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Can Teddy Bear Hamsters Live Together?

Golden hamster or Teddy Bear hamster are alternative names for a Syrian hamster. These animals should never be placed in the same cage or they may seriously harm one another. Hamsters have evolved to be very territorial and protective of their possessions. They are willing to fight to the death for them, so it’s not wise to force two hamsters to live together.

Can Baby Syrian Hamsters Live Together?

Hamster babies from the same litter don’t start fighting immediately. Their instinct to fight develops as they grow and mature. That’s why you’ll often see young hamsters together in a pet shop — coexisting peacefully. Nonetheless, the fighting starts once they reach a few weeks of age, which rapidly worsens until they start to harm each other.

Can Guinea Pigs and Hamsters Live Together?

Guinea pigs and rabbits won’t get along with hamsters because these little animals are territorial and solitary, defending their burrows and food sources against all other animals. They are not hostile towards humans, just towards other animals.

What Hamsters Can Live Together?

Dwarf hamsters are fairly sociable and will live with another hamster they have grown up with or met when they were young. These hamsters need care when sharing the same cage. They need to be the same species, preferably littermates. The cage should be new to both hamsters and should be big enough for both. You should have two of everything, such as food and water bowls, wheels, toys, bedding, etc.

How to Introduce Two Hamsters to the Same Cage

If you have two dwarf hamsters that grew up together and you want to keep them in the same cage, the cage should be big enough for them, and you should have two of everything. The cage should be new to both hamsters, and they should be young. Introduce the hamsters carefully in the following steps:

  • Place one hamster in a small cage and place the cage in a larger cage that can fit two hamsters. The other hamster should be placed in the bigger cage.
  • Let the hamsters get used to each other for a while. It helps to swap their cages so that they are not possessive of the territory and that they are safe.
  • After a week of non-aggressive behavior toward each other, you can allow both hamsters in the same cage.
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Supervise the hamsters closely and repeat the first two steps in case of any hostility.


Syrian or Teddy Bear hamsters should be kept separately from other animals, including other hamsters. If you want to keep more than one Syrian hamster, you are going to have to buy a cage for each of them. Dwarf hamsters, on the other hand, are fairly sociable and will live with another hamster they have grown up with or met when they were young. It’s important to know which hamsters can live together and which should be kept apart to keep your hamsters safe and happy.

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