How Much Do Hamsters Cost

How a lot do hamsters price?

Hamsters price as little as $5 from a shelter, to $30 for an uncommon breed or coloration from a specialised breeder.

Hamsters often require $100-200 in arrange prices, and run up lifetime prices of as much as $800.

Thinking about including a cute little hamster to your loved ones?

Hamsters are common pets, particularly for younger youngsters, however how a lot will it price to purchase and take care of a hamster?

People assume that hamsters are low cost pets, however how a lot do they actually price as soon as all bills are thought of?
Let’s discover out!

The Cost of Owning a Hamster

The price of shopping for a hamster is the smallest price related to proudly owning a pet hamster.

Potential homeowners ought to take all different bills under consideration, particularly if a baby guarantees to pay for every little thing herself!

You might want to make first-time and ongoing purchases of primary provides like meals, cages, toys, and bedding.

There are different prices related to hamsters, like veterinary care when your little good friend will get sick, and pet sitters whenever you go away on trip.

We’ll take a look at every of those prices subsequent, beginning with the price of shopping for a hamster.

The Cost of Buying a Hamster

The price of a pet hamster can rely upon whether or not you purchase it from a pet retailer or breeder, and in case you are in search of a dearer hamster breed or uncommon coloration.

Remember, you may as well undertake a hamster from a neighborhood animal shelter or small pet rescue group for a small adoption charge, which may be as little as $5 per animal.

Pet retailer hamsters can fluctuate in worth, relying on the shop and which breed you select.

A pet retailer hamster can price wherever between $10 and $25 {dollars}.

Hamster Breeders

Hamster breeders who breed high quality hamsters to compete in hamster reveals could be a good possibility for potential consumers as nicely.

You can discover hamster breeders and hamster reveals by numerous hamster membership web sites and boards across the internet.

A top quality hamster from a good breeder can price round $20 to $30, relying on the desirability and rarity of the hamster.

The Best Hamster Cage For Syrian And Dwarf Hamsters

Certain breeds, sizes, and fur colours and lengths can price greater than others. Expect stylish hamsters to be on the excessive finish of the worth vary.

How Much Does a Hamster Cage Cost?

You new hamster will want a pleasant place to name dwelling, so shopping for a top quality hamster cage is a vital first-time expense.

There are many various kinds of hamster cages to select from. Some homeowners want wire cages, others like glass tanks, and others like plastic habitat-type ones with built-in tunnels and tubes.

We’ll take a look at all three sorts, however remember the fact that the one you select needs to be massive, safe, and top quality.

Most good wire hamster cages price within the $25 to $50 vary, however can go as excessive as $100, relying on measurement and options.

Glass Tanks

Glass aquarium tanks fitted with a wire high are additionally used as hamster cages. There are additionally tanks designed particularly for small pets like hamsters and gerbils.

A superb 20-gallon glass (or acrylic) tank can price wherever between $25 and $50. Be ready to spend extra for greater ones.

Hamster Habitats

What about these hamster habitats? Like cages and tanks, you will discover many habitats within the $25 to $50 vary at your native pet retailer or on-line.

Is a cage a one-time expense or will it’s a must to purchase new ones?

The hamster lifespan is round 2 to three years, so with correct care and cleansing, your cage could also be a one-time buy.


What about cage equipment like meals and water containers and bedding supplies?
Small bowls and water bottles often price below $10 every.

Cage surfacing supplies like hay and sawdust are an ongoing expense, since they must be modified frequently.

Many larger-sized packages of bedding price between $10 and $20 at pet provide shops.

How Much Do Hamster Toys Cost?

Hamster toys and equipment are simply as enjoyable so that you can store for as they’re on your hamster to make use of!

Can Hamsters See In The Dark?

What sorts of toys and equipment can you purchase? There are a number of play and exercise-oriented provides like ramps, balls, wheels, and tubes.

Exercise wheels and saucers can vary in price from below $10 as much as $20 every. Exercise balls additionally begin at below $10 and might go as much as $15-20.

Hamster hideouts, tunnels, and tubes can vary from easy to fancy and price wherever from below $10 as much as $20.

What about chew toys? Hamster chew toys and sticks are cheap, and usually price lower than $10 for one massive toy or a pack of small ones.

How Much Does Hamster Food Cost?

How a lot will it price to feed your hamster? Most pet hamsters eat a mix of business hamster meals and other people meals treats like fruit and veggies.

A typical bag of hamster meals within the 2-4-pound measurement vary prices below $10. You can lower your expenses by signing up for repeat deliveries with many pet shops.

Most individuals meals that’s protected for hamsters (recent fruits and veggies and treats like popcorn) are very economical.

Other Hamster Expenses!

Veterinary care may be an sudden price for a lot of new hamster homeowners.

Be certain to decide on a veterinarian who’s skilled in small/unique animal care.

You can take your new hamster in for a wellness verify, after which observe up together with your vet in case your hamster turns into sick or injured.

Common Hamster Health Issues

What sorts of well being points are frequent to hamsters?

Your vet could must trim your hamster’s enamel if they don’t seem to be getting worn down sufficient by regular chewing.

Hamsters may be liable to issues like infections of the ears, eyes, and digestive system.

Bacterial an infection of the digestive system with diarrhea can result in a significant issue generally often called moist tail.

Some hamsters will develop blocked cheek pouches or sores on their toes.

Veterinary Care

You may also must get prescription treatment to deal with your hamster, corresponding to liquid antibiotics fed by a dropper.

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Veterinary take care of hamsters tends to be inexpensive than for canine and cats. An common vet go to for a hamster may be within the $50 to $100 vary. Nail and tooth trims shouldn’t price greater than $20.

A course of treatment, corresponding to antibiotics for moist tail, can vary from $10 to $20.

If your hamster is severely sick or injured, specialised care (together with surgical procedure) may be tons of of {dollars}.

You can also wish to pay for euthanasia providers when the time involves say goodbye.

Hamster Sitters

Another price to contemplate…paying for pet care if you end up away from dwelling.

If you possibly can’t discover a good friend or relative to care on your hamster, you might have to rent a pet sitter or board your hamster while you’re gone.

The worth of visits by a pet sitter can fluctuate relying on what you ask them to do, wherever from $10 to $40 per day.

Many pet sitters may also absorb your hamster as a boarder, or you possibly can contact different animal boarding services in your space to see in the event that they take small pets.

Boarding charges can vary from $5 to $10 per day for hamsters however you’ll want to verify if meals and any providers are included.

How Much Do Hamsters Cost?

So, what’s the underside line on how a lot hamsters price?

Most hamster homeowners will let you know that the entire set-up price whenever you first get a hamster is between $100 and $200.

The month-to-month price will probably be round $20 per hamster, principally for meals and bedding.

Depending in your hamster’s well being and lifespan, the entire lifetime price for proudly owning a hamster may run wherever from $400 to $800.

Do you’ve gotten any recommendation on price for brand new hamster homeowners? Share your experiences within the feedback!

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