Teddy Bear Hamster Facts – 14 Reasons To Buy A Syrian Hamster

If you are considering getting a pet, then a teddy bear hamster, also known as a Syrian or Golden hamster, might be a great choice for you! These larger hamsters are low-maintenance, easygoing and make cute and cuddly pets. They are perfect for older, responsible children who want a pet to interact with. In this article, we will look at 14 teddy bear hamster facts to help you decide if a Syrian hamster is the right pet for you and your family.

1. An Ideal First Pet for Children

Teddy bear hamsters are very friendly if handled correctly, which makes them an ideal first pet for older, responsible children who want a pet to interact with. However, hamsters are delicate and will bite when stressed or in pain. It is important to teach your children how to properly look after and handle a hamster and supervise their petting sessions. Handling a hamster is also really great for bonding with it and interacting with it.

2. Longer Lifespan

Pet teddy bear hamsters generally live up to 3 years old, which is twice as long as wild hamsters that live for 1-2 years on average. The longest living hamster on record lived to an impressive 4.5 years old!

3. Friendly Personality

The golden hamster has a wonderful temperament for a housepet. If they are accustomed to being handled from a young age, they will love being held and played with, and they are curious and adventurous when burrowing and exploring. Therefore, you need to be careful not to surprise them when reaching for them, especially when they are asleep, as they might bite.

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4. Interesting History

Teddy bear hamsters come from Syria and were first captured by a zoologist named Israel Aharoni in 1930. Most Syrian hamsters today originate from that first captive line. These little creatures were introduced into the British pet market in the 1940s and have been popular ever since.

5. Solitary Animals

Syrian hamsters must be kept alone as they are naturally solitary and do not like to have company. Even if you put two teddy bear hamsters together, they may attack one another. For new pet owners, just having one hamster can make things easier and less intense.

6. Low-Maintenance and Easy to Care For

Teddy bear hamsters are low-maintenance and easy to care for. They need a large cage to run around and burrow in, with bedding made of burrowing materials. Their diet consists of seeds, grains, vegetables, and small amounts of fruit. Cleaning their cage regularly is important, but it is also an opportunity to watch them run around in a hamster-safe play area!

7. Great for Handling

Teddy bear hamsters are a great choice for pet owners who love to handle their pets. As long as you handle your hamster for a little bit every day, from a young age, they will love interacting with you.

8. Perfect Size

Fancy bear hamster sizes range between 4-6 inches long, which makes them the perfect pet size. They are big enough to handle and interact with but not so big that they take up too much space.

9. Nocturnal

Teddy bear hamsters are nocturnal, which means they sleep during the day and are active during the night. This makes them great for people who work outside of their homes or children who have school during the day.

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10. A Variety of Colors and Patterns

Teddy bear hamsters come in over 40 different color varieties, including cinnamon, gray, yellow, black, and chocolate, with light or dark patterns and markings all over their bodies. This makes them a unique addition to your family.

11. Variety in Hamster Houses

Another essential aspect of getting a hamster is to choose a safe, spacious home for it. Hamster cages come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and you can choose one with plenty of burrowing and running spaces and lots of room for extra hamster accessories.

12. Affordable Price

Teddy bear hamsters are affordable pets, and the most expensive part of getting one is often buying all the necessary supplies. Once you have these, your golden hamster will be quite inexpensive to care for.

13. Fun to Watch and Play With

Giving your hamster a fun play area, such as a maze, or even just an exercise wheel, is a great way to interact and bond with it. Hamsters are also capable of learning tricks, so they keep you entertained for hours.

14. Adorable

Last but not least, teddy bear hamsters are just unbelievably cute, with their round black eyes, tiny twitching noses, and fluffy fur. They are bound to melt your heart.

Teddy Bear Hamsters Summary

Teddy bear hamsters are low-maintenance, easy to care for, and ideal first pets for older, responsible children. They are gentle and friendly, and their playful and curious personalities make them great for handling and interacting with. Choosing a Syrian hamster is an exciting process due to the variety of colors, patterns, and hamster houses available. Keeping a teddy bear hamster as a pet is affordable, fun, and perfect

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