Where To Buy A Hamster

If you are searching for information about where to buy a hamster, read on.

You can find a variety of hamsters at most local pet stores, small scale breeders, and hamster shows. Another option is to adopt a hamster from your local animal shelter.

The best source for a new pet hamster is usually a local breeder. You can find these breeders easily by searching online. Most of these breeders are usually part of local and regional groups.

The Best Place to Buy a Hamster

Hamsters make great pets, especially for children. These cute pets are not too expensive and do not require a lot of space. However, they need certain equipment like cages, toys, and proper food.

Most people have seen hamsters for sale at their local pet store, but are these stores the only option? Where else can you get a hamster? Do hamsters have pet stores specifically for them? Let’s explore these options.

Where Can I Buy a Hamster?

Pet stores are an obvious place to start when looking to buy a hamster. However, there are other options, including small-scale breeders, hamster shows, and hamster stores that specialize in small pets. Additionally, local animal shelters often have hamsters available for adoption.

Let us examine each option in greater detail.

Hamster Breeders

The most reliable way to obtain a hamster from a reputable source that has been raised humanely is to purchase one from a local small-scale breeder.

Hamster breeders are an excellent resource if you are interested in a hamster of a specific color or type not typically available in pet stores. They are also the ideal location to purchase a hamster if you are interested in breeding these pets yourself!

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How to Find a Hamster Breeder?

Hamster breeders are usually members of local or regional breeding groups or informal groups that breed and exhibit hamsters in a certain geographical area. Most of these groups have websites that you can find with a quick internet search.

Additionally, there are numerous hamster communities online that you can join to connect with other hamster breeders and enthusiasts in your region.

In the United Kingdom, the National Hamster Council (NHC) serves as the main organization for hamster breeders. The NHC has three regional clubs that keep lists of registered breeders and organize hamster shows.

It is essential to purchase hamsters only from reputable breeders who keep thorough records of their breeding stock. These detailed records should include medical history, show wins, and breeding log that records all matings and offspring and postnatal deaths. Hence, it is vital to research first and know if the breeders you are dealing with are reputable or not.

Hamster Shows

Hamster breeders usually exhibit their hamsters at shows, where they may also offer them for sale. Volunteers dedicated and passionate about promoting hamsters as pets and campaigning for their welfare usually run these shows.

In the United Kingdom, local NHC clubs usually organize these shows with a well-established event schedule. It is quite challenging to find hamster shows in the US, but breeders sell hamsters at pet expos instead.

Pet Expos

If obtaining a hamster from a breeder or a pet store seems unsuccessful, try visiting a pet expo in your area. These shows are an excellent way to meet local breeders, and it is where you can purchase a hamster and pet supplies.

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Several metropolitan areas have annual pet expos, usually held at convention centers, and county fairs and 4-H shows are also excellent places to find hamsters from local breeders.

Hamster Pet Stores

Pet stores that sell hamsters are common, but it is essential to be cautious when purchasing a pet store hamster. Unless you buy from an ethical store, your hamster may come from commercial breeding mills with poor welfare standards.

The US Department of Agriculture does have jurisdiction over large-scale commercial animal breeders, but even a licensed facility may still have issues such as the allowable minimum cage size.

Begin by searching for small independent pet stores in your area that purchase hamsters from local breeders that they know and trust. Store cages should be clean and well-maintained, with sufficient food, water, and space. Pet store hamsters should have bright eyes, smooth, shiny coat, and no discharge from the eyes, nose, or rear end.

Ensure that the pet store employees provide you with all the information required, such as the hamsters’ birth date, if the hamster is healthy and not lethargic, and if it needs any special attention or care.

Hamsters for Adoption from Shelters

You do not need to purchase a hamster from a pet store or breeder; you can adopt a hamster from animal shelters. Most animal shelters have hamsters available for adoption, and each hamster usually comes with a personal history that includes their temperament.

You can find hamsters for adoption easily by performing an online search on pet adoption websites. Adoption fees for small pets such as hamsters are typically quite reasonable.

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Can You Order a Hamster Online?

No reputable breeder will ever agree to mail a live hamster to you. These small animals are vulnerable and need a calm and safe environment. They may experience enormous stress during travel and might not survive.

The US Postal Service and most postal shipping companies like UPS do not ship live mammals anyway.


Hamsters are easy to find and do not cost much, but it is essential to conduct thorough research and ensure that you provide a hamster-safe home equipped with toys, food, and overall environment required for a happy and healthy hamster. Besides, the

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