32 Awesome Facts About White Rats with Pink Eyes

An albino rat is a white rat with red eyes, and they are known to be smart, affectionate, social, and active creatures, making them great pets for older kids to adults. They make great family pets with regularly handling and lots of space, as they quickly become tame and friendly. Today, we’ll look at where albino rat pups come from, how they are bred, and how to raise your own baby pink-eyed white rat. Learn dozens of fascinating albino rat facts and get your albino rat questions answered here!


Pet rats are amazing if kept properly. They bond very strongly to their owners and each other and are playful, funny and have their own distinctive personalities. Albino rat pups are popular for their unusual and striking looks, as well as their gentle natures.

What is an Albino Rat?

An albino rat is a breed of rats that lack the color pigment melanin. Albinism is a genetic mutation that occasionally appears in rats and other animals in the wild.

This affectionate and intelligent white rat with red eyes has been our beloved pet for centuries. And, few rats are as iconic as the albino rat with its snowy white fur and famous pink eyes.

Usually, a pure white animal is vulnerable to predators, but rare white albino wild rats were often trapped and kept as pets.

Over the years, this white rat with red eyes has had an increase in popularity. White fur and pink eyes have been cultivated in domestic (or “fancy”) rats as a desirable characteristic.

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Fascinating Albino Rat Facts

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