Baby Rats – A Guide To Baby Rat Care, Behavior and Development

This article provides a comprehensive guide to baby rat care and development, from birth to the point they join your family. It covers different aspects of newborn baby rats’ behavior and traces their milestones as they age. By the end of this guide, you should know how to properly care for your baby rats.

Some of the common questions addressed in this article are: “When do baby rats open their eyes?” and “What do baby rats eat?” Equally important is the fact that we discuss vital steps required to turn a baby rat into a happy and friendly adult pet. Therefore, if you are new to rat ownership, welcome! Let’s get started right from the beginning.

What is a Baby Rat Called?

A baby rat is known as a kitten or a pup, depending on your preference.

Typically, a rat is classified as a pup (or kitten) until it completes weaning, after which it becomes an adult rat that can comfortably navigate a new home. Please read on for answers to some other frequently asked questions about these furry little pets.

How Many Baby Rats are in a Litter?

A wild baby rat usually has a litter size of four to eight pups. Favored with excellent care and good health, most pet rats deliver litter sizes at the higher end of this range, or even more significant. With a dozen nipples, mother rats are well-adapted to caring for multiple newborn pups, so feeding them wouldn’t be an issue for you.

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