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This is where the cute and funny animal videos from TinyPetsTube are stored. Here you can see all kinds of animal videos of various pets being cute and funny

Snowball the cute dwarf hamster exploring stuff, eating treats and trying to feast on my fingers. This hamster belongs to the Campbell breed wich can grow up to 10 cm and have a life span of 2.5 years Hamster Videos April 2019 2,376 Views Bunbun the cute rabbit eating blueberries, wich is her favourite treat. Blueberries is a safe rabbit treat, along with the rest of the blueberry plant. The plant is actually healthier for the rabbit than the berries Rabbit Videos March 2019 2,188 Views This is what it looks like when a rabbit is grooming it’s foot, or hind paw as it’s called. Rabbits are clean animals and spends much of the day grooming their fur and ears, gotta keep that coat nice and shiny Rabbit Videos March 2019 2,449 Views Bunbun the rabbit is not really interrested in being petted, unless she gets some treats as a payment. You can also tame and bond with your new pet rabbit with this method, if it is shy or nervous around you Rabbit Videos March 2019 2,231 Views Bunbun the rabbit showing off his best fat burning exercises in this workout video. Rabbit running, doing burpees and ultra speed rapid movements. Watch and repeat the moves to become fit as a bunny Rabbit Videos March 2019 2,501 Views

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